Idle Poem.

Take the time to listen, while you make the time to talk
Find yourself a reason, as you run the road you walk
Think about tomorrow, with a heart lost in today
Fight for all your history, then give it all away

Never doubt desire, with a weight to crush your dreams
Nothing that the eyes can see, are ever as they seem
Use your energy for truth, don't waste this life in lies
Try to gauge some empathy, for those who you despise

Teach us in divinity, that God is just a word
Be weary of a prophecy, that's already been heard
Dance all night and sing all day, as badly as can be
Ignore the code of rhythm, remain as one too free

Walk inside of darkness, to appreciate the light
Don't take this as gospel, these are idle thoughts I write
This world is your and only yours, yet still it's also mine
No one needs to listen here, but thank you for your time...


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