Gurkha Wisdom.

I had just experienced a conversation in the sauna of the gym, with a retired Nepalese Gurkha, who had fought for many years, beside the British Army. He was regaling me about his love of cycling, disdain of unfiltered cigarettes, and the mass foreign invasion of London being something he carried little fondness for either - which was odd, considering he was at one point a stranger from another land, setting on these shores. Regardless, I didn't mind. I wasn't there to judge the guy, I was there to listen - and relax after working out.

He had the kind eyes of a man burdened by humane morality and principal. His razor thin haircut and pleasantly rounded belly, coupled with a raised knee sitting position in the intensely warm glow of the saunas heat, made me wonder if he was a manifestation of the Buddha - but it wasn't Confucian wisdom he possessed, just a bunch of funnily pronounced swearwords, and an interest in the fact that I was an Englishman with a Chinese name.

Ten minutes previous, I had been lying alone on my back, in the quiet heat of the steam room. Thinking about how 2011 would play out in my life, and how I would view this twelve month period, many years from now. It dawned on my how one third of the year had passed, and how, even though it has and still often feels, as if I am going through a personal hell of sorts, a deeper awareness knows I am reaching a greater path of Enlightenment. I thought back to all the other dark and painful roads I have traveled along, and smiled in the knowledge of the strength I needed to attain, in order to pass through them. And how in doing so, I became a much stronger, well rounded human being.

I am thirty years old. And I have a feeling this may well be the year which defines the life I am to lead; one which will either make me, or break me. I have reached a point of a philosophy to simply continue to strive for my goal, using a 'Whatever it takes' mentally. Life is pulling me in the direction of a leader, as it reminds me of the abilities I feel inside, to carry a heavier burden of weight then average, for no more than positive purposes. But I also know every now and again,  I need days like today - days where I can simply step back upon myself, and realize I am working and constructing something much bigger than I like to give myself credit for; still remaining humble, yet confident.

I almost went straight to the shower. I almost missed the Gurkha. He had already crossed off the core of his own journey. Yet he was still alive, content, and moving forward, as he enjoyed the time he has left, to live on this planet. I felt a slight level of respect for the guy, and hoped I could attain some of his outlooks, once I reach his age.

Minus the dislike of foreigners that is, for I spend most of my life around them...


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