Introducing Adam...

Tupac, Biggie, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Doctor Dre, Plan B... Adam Lout!

Born from the mean streets of suburban London, this new wave of revolutionary grime rapper/poet/philosopher/visionary extraordinaire, is without undue question, going to be placed in the same vein as these veritable giants of the brutal and angry lyrical passion of modern rap music. 
He is destined to find himself the giant slice of Turkey, sandwiched between Lady Gaga and Susan Boyle, as he becomes one of the wealthiest masters in the currency of musical expression. His talents know no bounds, and is a true polymath of the age. 
Some say he is a deluded, no talent, wigger of low-intellect. But they do not appreciate the finer qualities of his music. With a tight squeeze of his Teddy Bear, and a large gulp of his very own pussy juice, the young man is, without undue question, the future of British music - both underground, and mainstream.
So, who better to explain the man himself, then the man himself. And, if any of you struggle to understand his unique grimy style, I have translated his words, into standard English...
Mister Lout, over to you... 

*Adam's Language*

wot dey say on ma patch iz if u cum round ma endz u get nocked owt blad!  datz just da way it iz on da mean streetz of desmun tutu estayte norf wheezy. im just tryign 2 make it bruv. 
soon u will c me on da stage rock1n da joint wiv ma beatz coz im da nxt big rappa in da uk. peepz try to hold me dwn but dont let it get 2 a bruvva coz ushally dey just hatin on ma skillz. so n e wayz a uk produkshun companie haz askd 2 followz me round 4 a week 2 c how i liv n da talant & da skillz i sho 2 b top ov da chartz brap brap! 
At da end of da day u wil all c how i rock da mic n liv da life. dey will also av exsluiv accexx 2 ma new trak & musik vid calld wivout u - see why im da nx big ting n betta dan ndubz n dizZy raksals n da tinchy temperz n stridas
At da end of da show, da produchun peepz gon giv ma dem0 tapez 2 da muzik peepz 2 c if dey can make me a star yeh! hope dat u all njoy wotchin ma shiz peepz n how my lyfe iz! fanks 4 da support cth mE on da fazebuk n U2ooB, me lynx iz beelo, stay bless.
aDam LoUt AKA mC lizzLe


 Good Afternoon,

If you are to visit my area, there is a chance you may experience an act of violence; it is a very dangerous land, fraught with inequities and adversity.
There are many detractors to my hard earned abilities, but thankfully, a British production company has agreed to follow my career progressions, as I create a credible life in music for myself; I am a very talented performer.
This is simply how things are in these merciless and troublesome lands in which I live upon. But eventually, I will become an immensely successful British musical artists, therefore able to ascertain a progressive life moving forward with due diligence.
I am allowing the professional outlet, exclusive access to my new songs - one in particular titled 'Without You'. I am an aritst of wider talents, in comparison to performers such as NDubz, Dizzy Rascall, and Tiny Temper.
I will be very famous, very soon. Please endorse my pathway I desire to reach, and follow me on YouTube and Facebook; the links are below.
Regards, and love to you all, 
Adam Lout

Adam, the world is waiting... hopefully not forever...

Lee. :-)

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