When Today Becomes Yesterday.

Today, right now, this very moment, I am alive. I intend for this to be true for as long as my mind, body, and soul allow me to continue living and breathing. And, while I am aware that of course nobody is truly immortal, I am also pretty hopeful that Mother Nature and Father Time will treat this child of theirs with the decency he tries to give them back. Not always, but the intention - more or less, is generally positive and progressive.

One element I remain constantly aware of, is that at 30 years of age, the next decade of my life is arguably going to be the one which truly defines this life I have been afforded. I am at my physical peak, and, even though the process is going to be very very slow, my dedicated nature towards diet and exercise, (some call it obsession, I call it lifestyle), as well as writing, reading and general inquisitive prowess of life, should keep me of extreme fitness and health, both mentally, physically and emotionally, for many years to come. But now, I know, seems to me not just a time in my life, but THE time in my life.

Perhaps this is simple immaturity speaking. Perhaps when i turn fourty I will feel exactly the same as I do now - I really do not know, as I am not there yet to say. But, as I look at a few images from the past year of my life, I realize that one day, a decade or so from now when I view these same images again, I will be looking at me - and everyone else in my life ,and thinking to myself how god damn young and amazing we looked.
How every hope, dream, idea, and plan lay there, right in front of our very eyes. Waiting and begging for us to grab them with an iron fist. And even if we do or we don't, it is somewhat irrelevant, as regardless of the outcome of the next decade, the now remains beautiful. The now remains all that life truly is. We spend our lives looking backwards, or looking forwards. We are told to live FOR the moment, but, really, we should be living IN the moment... now is all we have. Whether that now is lving in this today, tomorrow, next week, or even next year.

So go outside into the living world tomorrow, and embrace this life you have been given to you. Go and tell someone you like a style of clothing they wear. Softly pat a doggy on the head. Give a small gift to a total stranger. Do anything positive. Create moments of today, which you can look back on when the moment becomes blurred in history, and all you can see is the smile or the brightened eyes of the reaction to a shocking yet pleasing moment of pure human kindness. It is like the question someone once asked me if I collected anything; whether it be comic books, DVDs, figurines etc... I never had an answer, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized, the one thing I am trying to collect, is memories!

There are those who are a hell of a lot better at it than I am, and perhaps it is only in the past year or so, that i have really started to get as good at it as I wish to. And in many ways, this blog itself is an indication of that fact...

Have a good evening world...


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