30 Love.

So, as I write this blog, I am considering that this will be the final evening of my entire life spent in the decade commonly known as the twenties - tomorrow I turn thirty years of age, and a new decade of my life awaits me. Hopefully the best one yet.
I would spout a bunch of ideas about what plans I have, or how I feel about the third whole decade of my life which has almost become little more than a bunch of memories, which will make much more sense as I grow older, as is in all times of our lives, but this is redundant, predictable, and, in all honesty, most of it is a good damn blur anyway. So, here are a list of a few things about the world I have seen so far which I am grateful for, as I reach the big three zero;
First of all, shallow as it sounds, I am eternally grateful for still having the majority of my own hair on my head. God this is vein, but unfortunately, due to a father who experienced the Kojak lifestyle from a particularly young age, I associate baldness with failure. Of course Hulk Hogan, Patrick Stewart, and Stone Cold Steve Austin prove this theory to be entirely irrational, and there are millions of very successful and respectable baldies out there. But still, I would be lying if I wrote that I am not happy for this fact. This also possibly jinxes it, and in a years time I may well have a head like a bowling ball... touch wood time.
Secondly, I am glad I at least dabbled in varying levels of drugs, pretty much anything below Heroin - which even as a young young man, I was smart enough to give an excessively wide berth to, just to realize how much of a waste of time substances really are. The best drugs are the natural highs and endorphin rushes of life, which no dealer can hand you. But hey, if you smoke weed, or visit Charlie every Friday night, it aint my place to judge you. I just get more kicks when my girlfriend smiles, when Barnet win (Which isn't often), and when a good line of literature shoots across my laptop screen from the formulations of my mind.
Third, I am glad I fixed my diet, though I did this at nineteen, so is kind of before my twenties. As well as finding a workout routine at 24 years of age, and sticking to it. Could so easily have gone the other way... gum wise, I don't mean turning homosexual - though even writing that worries me a little.
Fourth, I spent almost half my twenties wearing braces, (the teeth variety, not the bother boy skinhead types used to hold up the trousers). From the ages of 24 to 28 I wore those bastards. And with major reconstructive jaw surgery at the age of 26, finally went from having a square head shaped like a piece of toast (Credit to my little sister for this one), to the Teutonic plate masculine jawline I wear with pride today. But God those braces were a shit to wear.
At number five, I am grateful, for simply still having all my marbles, and not turning into a misanthrope, or a full on misogynist (the latter coming exceeding close, but not close enough to mess me up). I feel at this point at my life in the middle of the two, in that while I respect women, and men too, I do not kiss anybodies arse based on power levels or aesthetic looks, yet still appreciate the human soul they have inside. This is a work in process of sorts, but it's getting better, man.
There are downsides. Music doesn't seem to sound the way it used to, and I tolerate stuff so much less now. But perhaps this is purely internal, and I am becoming Victor Meldrew way too soon... I don't believe it!
In the end, age is just a number, and who you are and how you feel, matters more than anything else.
And finally, for being the decade of my life in which I met a Personal Trainer/Nerd/Fitness Model/Quirk  named Marissa. By all accounts, the truly great years of our lives lay ahead of us, but it will always be in my twenties in which our worlds met. And this is by all means... a good thing!

And that's pretty much that. Goodbye twenties, you were fun while you lasted. We have some good days, some great days, some sad days, and some truly terrible days, but it all made sense, in a road to lead to whichever destiny I befall upon myself kind of a way. I now look forward to a decade of the potential of marriage, children (Something I simply could never live without in my life throughout its course), a stable and hopefully disciplined professional career, the retainment of my hair, and six pack. And maybe even another screenplay or two.
Oh, and twenties, just so you know... I always knew I would beat you in the end!


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