Your Favourite Cat.

Cat lovers worldwide... I need your help!

"My personal favourite cat - Ozzy.!
As a writer and animal lover, I am currently working on an project to spread a little positivity amongst the ever-loving cat community; who read and inspire my work on a regular basis. The project in question comes in the form of a book I plan to write and complete over the next two months - which is guaranteed a release. Titled “My Favourite Cat.”, the work is designed as a collection of personal stories from across the globe, about kitties and their owners - who love and cherish each one with such passion. Each story is unique and has it's own beauty; much like the humans who take them into their lives and hearts.

The reason for this post, is I would love to hear from those who have a wonderful cat story of their own, to include in my book. Therefore I ask you, the reader, to post a photo of your cherished cat to the wall of my Facebook page; CLICK HERE for the direct link, along with the a paragraph explaining the story of how nature threw you together, as a possible candidate for inclusion. After gathering, viewing, and considering each one, I shall select the stories I find the most interesting, engaging, and heart-warming, and write up an awesome book which includes a chapter about your favourite kitty cat; for all the world to see, and for you to publicize and share with pride.

So post away, and indulge me in the amazing, awesome story of you and your best friend/s. Wherever you live, whatever you do, and whoever you are is irrelevant. As long as you love your feline, and treat them with the respect they deserve, I would love to hear the tale of you, and Your Favourite Cat...

Lee Gunnell.

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Anonymous said...

i found my two kittens 3 years ago, i said to myself they prob threw them out with the xmas tree found them on jan 3 2011 they were only 3 weeks old .. they are happy now, and when i found them it wsa snowing i live in nova scotia, and i live where there are foxes around all the time. so they didnt have long tolive when i found them

Anonymous said...

I met a woman in a parenting course we were taking together. Cats came up in conversation, I mentioned how I was considering getting a cat and how much I loved them, but was looking for an older cat. Instantly her face brightened and She told me about Tom her cat and how they had him since he was a kitten but their baby was allergic to him and that was making her really sad to have to give him up. I told her I would take him no question I hadn't even seen him. She made me promise that every time I get chicken wings to pull apart some chicken for him, and that it was his favorite. That was 11 years ago his name is still Tom and he still loves chicken wings.

Anonymous said...

I had a Calico 3 years ago. I found my Amy at the end of a dirt road when I was a teenager. I had Amy for almost 15 years before my ex poisoned her. Amy loved Doritos pretzels and minute steaks. She would rip a bag of Doritos open and sit there and eat till she was content. She would sleep beside me every night. She also sat with me if I was watching TV or a movie. I loved my Amy she was 3 weeks old when I found her. I raised her on my own.